Silassie's Biography 

Anthony 'Silassie' Stewart grew up in Warren, Ohio. As a child, he was enamored with the energy, excitement, and visuals of music. His eyes stayed glued to MTV because they bridged the gap and created outlet for him to soak in the inspiration he would later pull from for his own unique style of music. As a child, he was exposed to many different genres which is reflected in his versatile archive today. Anthony’s aunt says “As a baby, the only way Anthony would go to sleep was by riding in a car listening to Kenny G.” As a pre teen Anthony and his close friend Nick Amorganos used to hang around the local rap scene. Neighborhood rappers took the teens under their wing and allowed them to witness the creation process. Anthony absorbed every minute like a sponge. Intrigued and inspired, Nick one day convinced Anthony to write a song by telling him “That it would be easy, if they can do it we can too” and from there they created their first song called The Dubb is Where You Find Me. It was at that moment in the summer of 2004 that Anthony (then known as 2tone) and Nick ( Donny B ) created a musical faction known as the Dubb City Boyz. Soon after, they released a project together called "Gravity" through JMD Records. 6 years later Dubb City Boyz split when Donny B joined the army in 2010. Wanting to keep the movement going, Anthony started working on his solo career. Not feeling happy or accomplished with his music he moved to Dallas,Tx to hopefully resurrect his career. After a year of being in Dallas, Anthony fell in love with Rastafari movement. After his resurrection he began to feel a sense of enlightenment, Anthony fittingly took on the name Silassie to pay homage to the Emperor of Ethiopia “Hail Selassie I Jah Rastafari”. Furthering his faith and beliefs, and seeking more knowledge about his surroundings, Silassie produced several mixtapes such as “Road to Zion”, “Road 2 Zion”, and “Ad Qudratum”. During this time, he also featured on various artists’ projects.
In 2015, Silassie decided to take his career to another level by turning himself into two different entities. He expanded his horizons in an unchartered way. Not only was he working as a solo artist, but he pushed the envelope a little further with the creation of his new band, “Silassie I”. Being the lyricists that he is, Silassie decided to channel his positive vibes and energy through his music. He is currently working on his first two solo albums “I Am Silassie Black” and “I Am Silassie White”, he has collaborated with 15 artist and 10 producers from Dallas, Ohio, and Canada. As he continues to reach new levels in his career, the doors seem to keep opening for him. “Myself” being his first single, Silassie has invited his listeners into his life experiences. Looking to release both projects in 2017, Silassie definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Starting his own Record Label, Online Radio show, and photography with more to come in the future...Silassie has made himself a force to be wrecking with. He is destined to take the music industry by storm for years to come.